Custom NoiseGuard plugs & vouchers / Non-Linear Filtered Noise Plug


Say goodbye to uncomfortable ear muffs that not only get hot and sweaty but can also get in the way of prescription and protective eye wear.

Variable sound reduction is achieved using a non-liner filter inserted into the pre-drilled canal on your lab manufactured custom plugs.
This filter attenuates as sound pressure increases, which causes the filter to restrict sound pressure (loudness) as it increases instantaneously.
No electronic components are required. The non-linear filter also reduces the occlusion effect (blocked ear sensation) and allows you to perceive a more open ear or natural effect whilst wearing plugs. We also supply “stoppers” with all Non Linear Filer plug orders – the stopper enables you to plug the hole for more noise reduction when a continuous reduction is desired.

APPLICATION:   For impact Noise such as Shooting and Industry sites

Available in any colour or colour combinations. Your initials are embedded into each ear (Blue on left Red on right side). Attaching cord available (at no cost).
Included in price: left and right custom plugs with non-linear filters embedded, Small NG case, instruction leaflet, ear oil, alcohol swabs, generic stoppers and complimentary postage within Australia.

Please contact us for a $25.00 voucher prior to checking out if you’re outsourcing impressions.

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