Custom Fitted Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Services

Hearing Protection / Instant Custom Plugs

Highest Quality Instant Custom Plugs

2 year mould integrity warranty

Elevate your hearing protection experience with NoiseGuard’s Instant Noise Plugs—typically ready to wear within 30 minutes and built to stand the test of time, all while offering unmatched comfort and assurance.

Comfort and Longevity Our Instant Noise Plugs feature premium, quick-fit material that’s ‘ready on the day’ and engineered to last for many years. Backed by a 2-year mold integrity warranty, these plugs are designed for extended wear without causing discomfort, all comfort guaranteed.

Quality Materials, Proven Protection Crafted from a distinctively soft and resilient vulcanizing silicone, our plugs have undergone testing by accredited bodies NIST and NVLAP to meet the AS/NZ S1270:2002 Class 5 requirements. Achieving Class 5 requires a deep ear impression and full concha ear impression, which requires skill and care. This is how Audiologists are trained to take an ear impression. Our instant material is injected under pressure by a trained professional resulting in the perfect negative of your ear.  

Ready in Minutes, Designed for Your Ears Within approximately 30-60 minutes, your plugs are ready to wear. They securely lock into your ear’s natural landmarks, forming a seal that keeps noise, dirt, and water out while maintaining situational awareness – allowing sounds such as sirens.

Solid Protection, No Filtering Our instant Plugs offer a solid attenuation (without filters).

For our highest quality silicone plugs, including with filtering options, please check out our lab-manufactured range.

APPLICATIONS:       Recreation      Motorbike Riders      Swimmers & Surfers       Sleeping Aid       Plane Travel       Industrial Noise Protection      Shooters      Grommets      Security 

Colours:   Red   Orange   Yellow    Green    Blue    Purple   Black 

Total Cost: $90.00  Inc GST   (discounts applicable for volume)

  • Attenuation (sound reduction): up to 28-34dB(A) Class 5 AS/NZ S1270:2002
  • Life Span: Approx 3 years (differs for each individual) (2 year warranty)
  • Turnaround: Approximately 30 minutes, ready to use. Subject to conditions.

Included in price: left and right instant custom plugs, small case, instruction leaflet

Attaching Cord is $5.50 Inc GST