Custom Fitted Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Services

Motor Racing / Car Controller

Pitt Crew communications in ultimate clarity
and comfort.  Designed to be worn under
tight fitting helmets.

Pitt Crew communications in ultimate clarity and comfort.  Designed to be worn under tight fitting  helmets, do away with bulky and uncomfortable earmuffs (custom noise plug without audio is fitted to other ear).

Our slim fit, laboratory manufactured, soft silicone moulds ensure optimal comfort and background noise reduction while the thin, coiled robust wiring and pro-audio drivers provide ultimate sound production for the most secure, reliable and crystal clear, racing pit communications on the market.

  • Custom desired length at no extra cost
  • 3.5mm male stereo/RCA/mono available
  • Up to 34dB(A) attenuation
  • pro audio, soft silicone custom moulds
  • ultimate clarity and comfort
  • 2 year wiring/speaker warranty
  • 3 year mould integrity warranty
  • all colours, client initials embedded

Embedding the pro drivers into the highest quality, medical grade, soft hypo-allergenic silicone enables us to provide excellent background noise reduction enabling crystal clear voice recognition. The class 5, up to 34dB attenuation, custom noise plugs allows for ultimate sound production at minimal volume.

NoiseGuard Moto – Car Controller

  • Custom moulded using an individual Left or Right ear impression (a painless procedure)
  • Designed for tight race helmets, moulds lock into place without dislodging when applying helmet
  • Available in all colours with client initials embedded in custom moulds
  • Prevent hearing loss from constant excessive wind or engine/exhaust noise
  • Class 5, up to 34dB(A) noise reduction earplug
  • Variable noise reduction using an optional acoustic filter in 9, 15 or 25dB attenuation
  • Thin,  strain relief wiring for flexibility and rider/racer comfort
  • Clear (no strain relief) wiring with L&R adjusting slider at desired length
  • NO hollow tubing – conductive wiring throughout eliminates movement transfer noises
  • Single (one pro-speaker per ear) professional balanced armature audio drivers encased by moulds directly into ears for in-ear-monitor production (mono with RCA and 3.5mm mono, + stere0 3.5mm male)
  • Canal cap for driver wax protection, effortless maintenance and aural hygiene
  • RCA male jack compatible with driver and pitt comms (race comms)
  • 3.5mm male mono jack for UHF radio comms
  • 2 year wiring/speaker warranty
  • 3 year mould integrity guarantee
  • Perfect for Pitt to Driver Comms
  • Crystal clear high/mid tones professional quality sound production (see dual driver in stereo)

This product has been designed through Hearlink in collaboration with professional motorcycle riders and race car drivers who have field tested our prototypes from the early stages of development.

NoiseGuard is committed to ensure that we get our product right.  As an audiological practice (Hearlink) established in Melbourne over 30 years ago our vast knowledge in custom moulds has taught us that the small adjustments and customisations lead to the ultimate comfort and functionality.

No hollow tubing. Our unique design uses high quality professional audio drivers fully incorporated into the actual mould, directly into your ears, which eliminates the wind noise being transferred through hollow tubing and also dramatically improves the audio quality due the drivers being set in the customised ear-mould, very much like the benefit when a sub-woofer is encased in a sealed box. This quality design ensures the most robust, clear and comfortable race communications available on the market today, with a male RCA or 3.5mm mono jack, compatible with Driver and Pit Crew comms.


How to Order

An impression of your ears is required. The impression is then sent to the lab with your NoiseGuard Moto wiring to manufacture your custom moulds.  Interstate or overseas clients can send in their ear impressions (procedure conducted by an Audiologist or Audiometrist only).

  • Life Span:  Greater than 5 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround:  Approximately 2-4 weeks.
  • 2 year wiring/driver warranty/3 year mould integrity warranty (not for changes due to individual ear growth)
  • Remoulding cost L&R (damaged or no longer seals due to ear growth) $195.00

Total Cost: (COMPLETE CUSTOMISED L or R) = $245.00 AUD     Inc GST

Included in price: NoiseGuard Moto (half) headset (left or right custom plugs with professional single, balanced armature audio drivers, RCA or 3.5mm male mono), large & small NoiseGuard zipped cases, instructions, cleaning/maintenance tools, 6 spare canal wax caps.

Available in RCA male (mono) & 3.5mm male (mono) compatible with UHF radios and race driver comms.