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Industrial Noise Survey – Workplace Noise Assessment

Are your workers being overexposed to noise in the workplace?

Are you unsure if they require hearing protection whilst on shift?


Understand your obligations with a clear and concise Industrial Noise Survey,
including noise mapping to help you identify high risk areas/operations,
outlining proactive solutions to form an action plan – satisfying your OH&S/WH&S essential requirements.

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What is Noise?

Any unwanted sound that can become intrusive or harmful.

It is harder to communicate and receive information in loud environments.
Productivity in workplaces can be affected if there is excessive noise, especially if employees suffer from noise induced hearing loss.
Performance in reading, writing and listening tasks are also affected by noise, as is concentration.

Studies show noise can also cause non-auditory damage in the cardio-vascular, endocrine, metabolic, gastro-intestinal and neurological systems.


How loud is too loud?

Do you struggle to communicate with someone within meters from you due to ambient or machine noise?
Do you experience ringing in the ears after or during a shift?
These are a few warning signs that you are over exposing your ears to harmful levels of noise.

Click here for a Noise Hazard Identification Checklist

Your hearing is EAR-replaceable!

While there are continuous improvements in hearing aid and bionic implant instruments,
NO current technology can perfectly mimic what a normal human ear does naturally.
Noise induced hearing loss is irreversible.
It is important to prevent exposure at the earliest possible opportunities.
Hearing loss has an array of impacts on an individual and can lead to:
+ Depression
+ Loss In Productivity
+ Feeling isolated
+ Issues finding employment
+ Financial hardship

What are an employers responsibilities when it comes to noise in the workplace?

Employers are required to ensure employees are protected from overexposure.
They are required to reduce excessive/harmful noises in the workplace.
Employers are required to provide hearing protection to Employees in areas where workers are exposed to over 85 dB(A) for a period of 8 hours.

Did you know; any employee that requires hearing protection also requires to undergo biannual hearing testing (Industrial audiometric screenings)?
The initial test is conducted within 3 months of employment to establish a baseline.
Then every two years a re-test is conducted to monitor for any significant hearing threshold shifts.

But how do you know when employees are being exposed to levels requiring hearing protection?

This is where a Noise Survey (A.K.A Noise Assessment) comes in..

One of the main objectives of a noise assessment is to establish;
If noise levels require hearing protection
and what level of protection is suitable.

As above, any employee that is required to wear hearing protection is also required to undergo biannual industrial audiometric (hearing) testing.
This testing ensures the recommended level of hearing protection is being worn/adequate against levels of exposure, as any employee identified with a significant hearing shift is then flagged.
Once flagged, the shift in their hearing is investigated further to ensure its not related to work processes or inadequacy of hearing protection, among other possibilities.
This prevents employees from losing their hearing due to industrial noise exposure and greatly reduces the risk of an employer being liable from compensation claims.

Compensation claims greatly outweigh the cost of  remaining compliant.



How can NoiseGuard help you reach your requirements?

Noise Survey: We will provide you with a clear and concise report that helps you understand how to reduce the risk to your employees hearing.
On-site Hearing Tests: Minimize the downtime of employees with on-site hearing test’s.
We come onsite to you in our sound treated air conditioned van and provide hard and soft copies of results/reporting to staff and employees.
Hearing Protection: NoiseGuard has a range of custom fitted hearing protection that is suitable for industry applications.

With over 3 decades of experience in Industrial Audiometrics, our Audiometrists’ are experienced, punctual and friendly.
Our service and equipment is in compliance ASNZS 1269.1 Occupational Noise Management standards.