Custom Fitted Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Services

NoiseGuard Aftercare & Policies

Our Comfort Guarantee –

At NoiseGuard we aim for you to receive a product that not only fulfills its requirements but also exceeds your expectations.

It is not uncommon for new moulds to feel tight in your ears at first, any discomfort should resolve after a couple of uses.

However, if you find your moulds are not fitting as desired, please let us know within 30 days from receiving your order and we will send you a barcode for the return of the product.
Our technicians will adjust moulds to resolve any issues and we will return your product to you.
In rare cases when adjustments have not rectified the issue, a remould of your product will be re-manufactured at no cost to you.


Lifespan & earmoulds –

We have sourced the highest quality materials on the market and each order is crafted with care to provide our customers with the maximum quality and lifespan achievable.

Did you know that your Ears & Nose never stop growing?
If you lose or gain weight dramatically this can also alter the shape of your ear canal and could eventually potentially break the seal of your earmoulds when seated in your ear.
NoiseGuard will always endeavor to rectify any comfort or fitment issues, even outside of our 30 day comfort guarantee as we truly want out customers to use and enjoy their products for many years.


Warranty Repairs/Returns –

All NoiseGuard products come with a warranty period that is specific to the product.

Any product returned under warranty will be repaired or replaced where required (upon investigation).

For all warranty repairs/replacements please email or post into the below address. When you are posting into is, please be sure to keep a reference of your tracking information-

Please contact us for address*

Warranty Information –

Lab manufactured Noise Plugs – *3 Year mould integrity warranty

NoiseGuard Instant plugs – *2 Year mould integrity warranty

Pro balanced armature drivers (audio/speakers used in all custom headsets) – *2 years

NoiseGuard Moto wiring – *2 years

NoiseGuard Clear Braided wiring – *2 years

NoiseGuard 6 hour Bluetooth wiring – *1 Year

NoiseGuard Bluetooth Detachable 12 hour Wiring – *2 years

NoiseGuard Bluetooth Detachable 24 hour Wiring – *3 years

NoiseGuard Logitech wiring – *1 Year

NoiseGuard IEM Kevlar Wiring – *5 years

NoiseGuard Kevlar core Moto Wiring – *5 years

*Wiring warranty excludes damage caused by improper use.

Speaker warranty is void when the efficiency of the speaker(s) and/or components are damaged due to excessive moisture or wax.
Please ensure you are utilising our wax cap maintenance system, removing excessive wax when present in cap or removing wax cap and replacing when required.



Repairs Outside of Warranty-

For any product’s requiring assessment that are outside of relevant warranty period please email or post into the below address. The minimum charge for this will be $38.00 inc GST. When you are posting into is, please be sure to keep a reference of your tracking information-

Please contact us for address*


Our Refund Policy-

If you are having any issues with your order, please notify us within 30 days from receiving your product.
We will take the above steps outlined in our comfort guarantee to rectify any issues.
If you are still not completely satisfied with the product, we will send you a barcode to return your order and will refund you within 5 business days from receiving.
In order to be eligible for a refund-

  • NoiseGuard needs to be notified of any fitment issues within 30 days of the client receiving the order.
  • NoiseGuard is required to receive the order back (in entirety).
  • The order cannot be damaged or have missing components.