Custom Fitted Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Services

NoiseGuard Smart-Phone Wiring / NoiseGuard Smart-Phone Wiring

In-built volume controls and microphone

Our introductory wiring option in our Audio Range – with professional single or dual armature speakers, embedded into soft, lab manufactured ear moulds.
Microphone and remote controls – Answer calls, voice command, volume control and track selection (iPhone & Android).
Aluminum encasings and gold plated 3.5mm stereo termination.

This high quality fabric encased wiring is the perfect option to replace your current iPhone or Android wiring.
Our wiring will offer you greater durability whilst you’re still able to use the volume, Mic and voice command functions.
Conductive wiring throughout reduces movement noise transfer. 120cm in length – 82 cm from termination to Y split.

Perfect, secure fit – for your ears only.

Custom moulds offer the ultimate comfort and functionality – optimal sound production and noise reduction.
Enjoy professional quality audio free from background noise interference.

Our audio range features a wax cap system to protect your Drivers/speakers.

Single speakers (per ear) provide ample volume and clarity.
Dual speakers (per ear) provide deep basses, clear mid tones and crystal clear high tones.

Applications – Perfect for plane, train, exercise, recreational use, IEM Etc.

An Impression of your ears is required.

Total Cost:  

Single Speaker Headset $300.00 AUD inc GST
Dual Speaker Headset $400.00 AUD inc GST

  • Life Span:  Greater than 3 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround:  Approximately 21 business days
  • Ear plug protection – Up to Class 5 or 34 dB(A) attenuation
  • 1 Year wiring/2 Year Speaker warranty/*3 year mould integrity warranty (*not including changes due to individual ear growth)

Available in any colour(s) with your initials embedded into each ear (red on the right blue on the left).
Included in price: Wiring (remote/mic),  left and right custom plugs with professional single (or dual) balanced armature audio drivers, Large and small NG case, instruction leaflet, cleaning/maintenance tools, 6 canal wax caps and postage within Australia.

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