Industry / Non-Linear Filter

This filter attenuates as sound pressure
Also allows for easier
communication whilst ensuring
your hearing is protected.

Variable sound reduction is achieved using a non-liner filter inserting into the pre-drilled canal on your custom plugs.  This filter attenuates as sound pressure increases, which causes the filter to restrict sound pressure (loudness) as it increases.  The non-linear filter also reduces the occlusion effect (blocked ear sensation) and allows you to perceive a more open ear or natural effect whilst wearing plugs.

  • Attenuation (sound reduction): up to Class 4 28-30dB(A) to a Class 5
  • Life Span: Approx 5 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround: Approximately 2-4 weeks.

APPLICATION:      Industrial Impact Noise      Shooting 

Total Cost: Customised L&R $275.00 AUD    Inc GST

Available in any colour or colour combinations. Your initials are imbedded into each ear (Blue on left Red on right side).
Included in price: left and right custom plugs, Small NG case, instruction leaflet, ear oil, alcohol swabs and express postage when your order is ready.
Clear attaching cord optional.

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