Custom Fitted Hearing Protection and Hearing Conservation Services

Industry / Non-Linear Filter

This filter attenuates as sound pressure
Also allows for easier
communication whilst ensuring
your hearing is protected.

Introducing our cutting-edge NoiseGuard solution, where science meets comfort. We’ve combined precision-crafted, lab-manufactured custom-fit noise plugs with state-of-the-art Non-Linear Impact Filters. These filters are engineered to react instantly, like a superhero shield, against sudden loud impacts—whether it’s a blast, gunshot, or a high-decibel whack. The result? A dynamic, tailored noise reduction experience.

But we didn’t stop there. When the world’s not exploding around you, our plugs allow natural air pressure to flow freely, preventing that stuffy, blocked ear sensation—no electronics needed. Ideal for sharpshooters, industry pros, and metal fabrication enthusiasts alike.

And for those moments when you crave silence, we’ve included handy “stoppers” to maximize noise reduction on your terms.

APPLICATION:      Industrial    Impact Noise   Shooting 

Total Cost: $235.00 AUD    Inc GST   (bulk discount’s available)

Available in any colour or colour combinations. Your initials are embedded into each ear (Blue on left Red on right side). Attaching cord available (at no cost).
Included in price: left and right custom plugs with non-linear filters embedded, Small NG case, instruction leaflet, ear oil, alcohol swabs, generic stoppers and postage within Australia.

*An impression (of your ears) is required. Please contact us to book in an appointment. 

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