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Motorcyclist / NoiseGuard Moto

Designed in collaboration with race car
drivers and motorcycle riders.


Crafted by avid motorcycle enthusiasts, the NoiseGuard Moto© isn’t just a wiring option—it’s a symphony of engineering designed to elevate your riding experience.

Our unique strain relief design, born from the insights of seasoned motorcycle riders and racers across Australia, ensures unparalleled comfort during your journeys. This isn’t just a wire; it’s your trusted companion on the road.

Pair it seamlessly with your motorcycle’s Bluetooth intercom system or plug directly into your phone or Bluetooth streamer for a ride like no other. The 35cm wiring unit even comes with a bonus 1-meter extension lead, providing you with added flexibility.

With a solid 2-year wiring warranty, the NoiseGuard Moto is your go-to choice for motorcycle riding, motorsports, industrial use, and leisure. It’s not just recommended; it’s a rider’s essential for those who demand nothing but the best.

Experience the future of motorcycle and racing pit communications with our custom racing headset. Each earpiece is individually molded for a perfect fit, incorporating pro-musician audio speakers and strain relief wiring into a single, sleek unit.

Our slim-fit, lab-manufactured, soft silicone molds guarantee supreme comfort and exceptional background noise reduction. Meanwhile, the thick, coiled robust wiring and pro-audio drivers deliver unparalleled sound production, making it the most reliable and crystal-clear communication tool on the market for motorcycle and racing enthusiasts.

Available in single speaker (per ear) or upgrade to dual speaker for additional bass and tonal separation.
We’ve seamlessly integrated these top-tier components into a custom motorcycle headset. By embedding these pro drivers into high-quality, medical-grade, hypo-allergenic silicone, we strike the perfect balance, reducing background noise while ensuring important sounds like sirens and engine revs remain audible.”

How to Order

Worn and Recommended by V8 Supercar Drivers


Custom fitted noise plug (up to 34 dB(A) attenuation, Class 5) music listening interface all built into one. Significantly reduce wind/road noise, whilst still being able to hear your surroundings and your favorite music in professional hi-fi.


Our product, developed in collaboration with professional motorcycle riders and race car drivers, has undergone extensive field testing from the early stages of development. At NoiseGuard, we are dedicated to perfecting our offerings. With over 30 years of experience in audiological practice, our expertise in custom molds has taught us that small adjustments and customizations are the keys to achieving the ultimate comfort and functionality.

One key differentiator: our design doesn’t incorporate hollow tubing. Instead, we’ve integrated high-quality professional audio drivers directly into the ear molds, delivering superior audio quality while eliminating wind noise transfer—similar to the enhanced sound you get when a sub-woofer is encased in a sealed box. This innovative design sets us apart, offering the most robust and motorcycle-friendly racing option available today. Plus, it’s compatible with all iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, and mobile phones featuring standard 3.5mm female headphone jacks.



How to Order

  • Life Span:  Greater than 5 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround:  Approximately 4 weeks.
  • 2 year wiring/driver warranty/3 year mould integrity warranty (not including changes due to individual ear growth)

Total Cost: (COMPLETE CUSTOMISED L&R) = $435.00 AUD Single Speaker (per ear)
Or if you love listening to music, you can upgrade to dual speaker (per ear) for a total cost of $535.00 AUD


Included in price: NoiseGuard Moto headset (left and right custom plugs with professional single, balanced armature audio drivers), NoiseGuard small & large zipped cases, instruction leaflet, cleaning/maintenance tools, 3 pairs of wax caps and complimentary express postage anywhere in Australia.