Custom NoiseGuard plugs & vouchers / Custom Lab Manufactured Noise Plugs


Achieve ultimate comfort whilst protecting your hearing.

Custom fitted lab manufactured (in the highest medical grade, hypo-allergenic, soft silicone) noise plug.
We combined both highest quality materials with over 40 years experience in custom mould manufacturing techniques to produce the longest lasting, most comfortable, custom fitted hearing protection.

Specifically designed for a high noise environment.  All of our custom plug’s lock into place using the natural landmarks of your ear, they will never dislodge!
Custom mould is set to your ear-shape, so unlike ‘one-size fits all/disposable plugs’ custom plugs are not constantly expanding, which causes pressure and discomfort and is among the most common complaints associated with disposable plugs.

Attaching cord optional (at no charge). Available in any colour or colour combination with your Initials embedded into each ear (Left side blue – Right side red).
Contact us for a $25.00 voucher if you’re outsourcing impressions.

Included in price: left and right custom plugs, NoiseGuard zipped carry case (small), instructions, ear lubricant, alcohol swabs and postage within Australia.


  • Attenuation (sound reduction): Up to Class 5 34dB(A)
  • Life Span: Greater than 5 years
  • 3 year mould integrity warranty*
  • Turnaround: 2-3 weeks.

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