Custom NoiseGuard plugs & vouchers / Acoustic Filtered Custom Noise Plug’s


Our highest quality custom fitted lab manufactured mould with acoustic filters embedded into the pre-drilled canal for variable attenuation, available in 9 dB(A), 15dB(A) or 25dB(A) filters.

Suitable for continuous noise environments eg- machinery, airplane, pit crew, concerts etc. Providing you with less attenuation (sound reduction) than a solid noise plug, to allow for greater ease  in communicating whilst still protecting your hearing.

Available in any colour or colour combinations. Your initials are embedded into each ear (Blue on left Red on right side). Attaching cord available (at no additional cost).
Included in price: left and right custom plugs with acoustic filters, Small NG case, instruction leaflet, ear oil, alcohol swabs and complimentary postage within Australia.

*An impression (of your ears) is required. Please contact us for a $25.00 voucher prior to checking out if you’re outsourcing impressions.

  • Attenuation (sound reduction): 9 dB(A), 15 dB(A) or 25 dB(A) depending on filter selected.
  • Life Span: Approx 5 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround: Approximately 2-3 weeks.

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