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Bluetooth / Mpow Bluetooth Streamer

Have you ever been cruising along, enjoying your favorite song or podcast through your wireless Bluetooth connection, when suddenly you hear the battery low warning. 
It gets lower.. and lower.. until finally it shuts off and you’re left to sing the chorus solo.  

Introducing the Mpow Bluetooth streamer – allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

If you’re out on your bike for long rides, or flying across the world on a 13 hour flight.. or anything like us when it comes to charging things  – this device is perfect for you.
Fully charged, the streambot mini will give you around 9 hours stream time. Once that runs out you can plug your headset directly into your audio source until you are able to charge your Bluetooth again.
The Mpow Bluetooth streamer is available in Red, Black or Purple.
This device features an inbuilt mic, play/pause button, volume controls/track selection and a micro USB charging port (+charger).

NoiseGuard has been supplying this streamer for over 2 years, we have received fantastic feedback and it continues to grow in popularity.

You can purchase this product, and find further specs info via our online store here

*Please note, if you’re purchasing this device in conjunction with a NoiseGuard audio headset we apply a ($20-$30) discount (depending on product selected).
Please contact us first for a coupon code.