Dear NoiseGuard Team,

You made some ear plugs for me at Peter Stevens Motorcycles on the Monday after the MotoGP (2009). I just want to let you know I am very pleased with them. I have an older Nolan N100 helmet that is quite noisy and I ride an old naked bike.

With your plugs in I can still hear the engine a little bit, which is good, but there is more or less zero wind noise. They are comfortable as long as I put them in correctly and, unlike the off the shelf plugs, they don’t move.

I’m a happy customer thank you.



Dear NoiseGuard Team,

You might recall you made some ear plugs for me a couple of weeks ago and posted them to Blackburn… I wore them for the first time on a ride yesterday – in a word, terrific. You can still hear the important sounds but all the buffeting is gone. Very comfortable and non-irritating. Thanks again!



Dear NoiseGuard Team,

Just a short note to let you know I received the NoiseGuard earplugs/headset 10 minutes before I was to embark on a 2000k ride around the South West, Great Southern, Goldfield – Esperance and Wheat-belt Regions of Western Australia. Can I thank you for a brilliant job ! The moulded ear pieces fitted beautifully and I wore them continuously over the length of the entire ride. I didn’t have any soreness or irritation they were very comfortable and what magnificent sound quality. Thanks for doing a great job and for having such perfect timing in delivery !! I look forward to hearing more from you concerning the blue tooth applications we spoke about.

Regards and best wishes


Dear NoiseGuard Team,

Hearlink really delivers the goods, their latest style in custom headsets are arguably the best on the Australian market.

Well thought out design, sturdily built with great service and back up from Johnny.
You may wait a week or two longer if you’ve ordered a set at a bike show but don’t forget these are a custom made, hand built premium item that will give you years of listening pleasure.
Well worth the investment.”

Cheers, Dave H


Dear NoiseGuard Team,

“they are perfect, exactly what I was looking for”

Geoff Emery
V8 Racecar driver


Dear NoiseGuard Team,

The plugs fit perfect and were very comfortable to wear. I wore them for roughly 6-12 hours per shift and didn’t have any issues with them falling out, moving or getting sore like the standard ones I use.


Dear NoiseGuard Team,

During the course of my shift I had very good sound quality coming in the through the ear piece with my radio attached to it. When I communicate on the radio with my Communications department it is very clear and audible, as they are in a quiet office. Even during very loud music I can hear them very well.  When I communicate with other officers, it is still audible an I can hear them better than what I could before inside the club with the loud music.

Thanks & Regards



Dear NoiseGuard Team,

I have purchased a pair of Noise guard Moto ear plugs, the quality of the materials and especially the sound is awesome.

I tested them a few times on short rides, and I used them properly for the first time this weekend, on a 400km ride.

Best Regards,



Dear NoiseGuard Team,

I have only collected my custom-fit ear-plugs today and they fit beautifully; can’t wait to test them out properly.

Regards Paul


Dear NoiseGuard Team,

I still wear my earplugs with pride, many years later. Your product and service are the best!