Security/Discreet Earpiece

A custom moulded earpiece/noise protector designed so you can plug your existing tube , fast and securely into a perfectly fitted custom mould (tubing supplied also available).  Provides excellent sound isolation along with ultra comfort for those long noisy shifts.  Allows you to hear your surroundings while still providing adequate hearing protection.  Hear incoming audio in your ear(s) only.  Most recommended with custom plug fitted on opposite ear, especially for noise applications.

  • Attenuation (sound reduction): Class 5   34dB(A)
  • Life Span: Greater than 3 years (differs for each individual)
  • Turnaround: Approximately 10 working days.
  • Great for: security staff/crowd control, police/ambulance comms/PSO (protective services officers)
  • Non-Linear Filter option for variable reduction (open ear feel)
  • 6x wax caps for audio tube protection up to 18 months maintenance (re-order $12.50 pack of 6)
  • Medical grade, hypo-allergenic soft silicone (hard acrylic available)
  • 12 month warranty (not including individual ear change)

Total Cost:

One side (Left or Right) = $97.50 tubing supplied by you

One side (Left or Right) = $115.00 tubing supplied by NoiseGuard

Both Sides (left & right) $195.00   L= tubing supplied by you R=solid plug

Both Sides (left & right) $212.00   L=tubed for audio supplied by NoiseGuard  R=solid noise plug

We can also supply the audio cable from your radio into to your shoulder, brand specific please call for a quote (approx $35-$50)

 Included in price:  custom plug (s) (one drilled for audio tube), hard carry case, instructions, 1x pack with 6 wax caps (ear canal tubing maintenance)