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Full ear custom moulded noise plugs

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When looking at the above table it is easy to understand the types of noise levels associated with motorbikes.  These are average levels for specific speeds and it should be noted that sports exhausts or pro systems will significantly increase these levels.  These levels are comparable to levels in noisy industry. 

If you have ever had ringing in your ears, experienced hot headed sensations or even suffer from headaches after or during a long ride then chances are you are overexposing your ears, and run the very real risk of causing a permanent noise induced hearing loss.

A common question is will custom made plugs completely drown out my surroundings?  The answer is No, custom plugs are designed to eliminate buffeting and constant loud droning such as wind and exhaust noise, they do not block all noise.  The idea is to get the comfort back, whilst still being able to hear important sounds such as sirens and horns.  So by reducing the excessive noise you are actually able to hear important sounds at a comfortable level, which is not overexposing your ears. 

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The majority of professional riders will not hit the track without some sort of hearing protection. Once you have become accustomed to using custom earplugs while riding you will feel “naked” without them. With your choice of slim fit, full ear or filtered plugs for varied reduction, there is a customised solution to suit your needs.