Industrial Hearing Conservation


OUR AIM: Prevent Hearing Loss at The Workplace


We provide essential services for the prevention of noise damage to workers’ hearing.


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Training of employers and workers

Workplace Responsibility:

It is the employer’s responsibility to take steps to protect workers’ hearing as well as meet legal OH&S obligations. It is the worker’s responsibility to comply with the safety rules including the proper use and maintenance of their hearing protection.

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Definition of Noise: Unwanted Sound or Damaging Sound.

Problem: NOISE

Noise can cause non-auditory damage in the cardio-vascular, endocrine, metabolic, gastro-intestinal and neurological systems. Performance in reading, writing and listening tasks are also affected by noise, as is concentration.

Productivity in workplaces can be affected if there is excessive noise, especially if employees suffer from noise induced hearing loss.

Solution: Prevention

  1. Quieter working environment- make machines, equipment, work activities less noisy
  2. Isolate worker from the noise source
  3. Hearing protection if 1 & 2 is not achievable

Custom Moulded Hearing Protection

Essentials of a Hearing Conservation program:

  1. Training of employers and workers
  2. Noise exposure measurements
  3. Regular audiometric hearing screening (in cases where hearing protection is required)
  4. Follow up diagnostic audiological examinations for those workers who failed* the audiometric screening
    * if the hearing threshold in either ear deteriorates by 15dB or more in any one of these frequencies, 3 KHz, 4KHz & 6KHz


Permissible Exposure Time Guidelines − Sound Pressure Level – SPL

How long can a person endure a certain noise level before hearing impairment occurs?

 Sound Pressure Level   Permissible Exposure Time
115 dB 0.46875 minutes (~30 sec)
112 dB 0.9375 minutes (~1 min)
109 dB 1.875 minutes (< 2 min)
106 dB 3.75 minutes (< 4 min)
103 dB 7.5 minutes
100 dB 15 minutes
  97 dB 30 minutes
  94 dB 1 hour
  91 dB 2 hours
  88 dB 4 hours
  85 dB 8 hours
  82 dB 16 hours

Noise Exposure Standard in Victoria: 85dBA noise level for 8 hours and peak noise level 140dBC. For every 3dB above this, the duration of exposure is halved, eg. If the noise level is 88dBA, the maximum duration a worker may work is 4 hours. The appropriate attenuation rating of a hearing protector will result in keeping the exposure below the standard.

Custom Moulded protection

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