Non-Linear Filter

Variable sound reduction is achieved using a non-liner filter inserting into a pre drilled canal on your custom plugs.  This filter attenuates as sound pressure increases, which causes the filter to restrict sound pressure (loudness) as it increases.  The non-linear filter also reduces the occlusion effect (blocked ear sensation) and allows you to percieve a more open ear or natural effect whilst wearing plugs. Also allows for easier communication.

Total Cost Customised L&R = $225.00 AUD

• Attenuation (sound reduction): Class 4 28-30dB(A)

• Life Span: Approx 2-4 years (differs for each individual)

• Turnaround: Approximately 10 working days.

• Great for: recreation (motorbike riders), plane travel, industrial noise protection, shooting

• Included in price: left and right custom plugs, soft carry pouch, instruction leaflet, initials embedded in plugs

Hard case $5.50, attaching cord optional


Please also see musicians’ earplugs for more info on filtered plugs