Custom Moulded Noise Plugs

 NG - white

Full range of custom fitted hearing protection, specifically designed for motorbike riders and noisy industrial applications, soft medical grade hypo-allergenic, custom silicone earplugs (motorcyclists/recreation/shooting/sleep/swim).  Available in slim concave for tight fitting helmets.

All our ear plugs are custom made and specially designed per individual, making the fit and comfort incomparable to one size fits all type, foam plugs. Custom made plugs will not dislodge and remain secure and comfortable.

 They are effective and inexpensive, preventing noise damage to your hearing, whilst allowing you to still hear your surroundings in customised comfort.  Best of all they last for years not hours and are easy to maintain.

 An appointment is required for these products, as an impression of your ears is needed in order to manufacture your moulded plugs.