iPhone Custom

NG - white

A Custom Moulded iPhone and iPod Hands-Free Headset, with remote & microphone (original Apple headset modified). Pro musicians’ balanced armature, single audio driver fully incorporated into custom moulds.


  • Retains full functionality of Apple hands-free headset microphone and remote control.
  • Answer calls, voice command, volume control and track selection.
  • Custom moulds offer the ultimate comfort and functionality ensuring a secure fit to provide optimal sound production.
  • Acts as high quality custom noise plug when not connected to a music source.
  • Up to Class 5 or 34 dB(A) attenuation.
  • Professional single audio driver (L&R) Effectively a musicians In-Ear-Monitor.
  • Variable noise reduction with non-linear filter.
  • Moulds available in a wide range of colours.
  • Deep basses, clear mid tones and crystal clear high tones.
  • Perfect for plane, train etc…. Simply plug into your iPhone or iPOD and eliminate background noise.

• Enjoy professional quality audio free from background noise interference.

• Lab manufactured, hypo-allergenic soft silicone custom moulds.

• The only custom moulded noise plugs/monitor headphone set to feature a canal wax cap for effortless maintenance.

• 6 month limited warranty (wiring)

• Exclusive to Hearlink.

An Impression of your ears is required.


Total Cost (L&R) = Single driver  $285.00   Dual driver  $395.00

Included in price: customised (left and right custom NoiseGuard ear plugs with professional single, balanced armature audio drivers), Apple microphone + controls, semi-soft carry pouch, instruction leaflet, cleaning/maintenance tools, 6 spare canal wax caps. 

Life Span:  Greater than 4 years (differs for each individual)
Turnaround:  Approximately 10 working days.
6 month wiring/driver warranty/3 year mould warranty (not for changes due to individual ear growth)
Remoulding cost L&R (damaged or no longer seals due to ear growth) $195.00