For everything in custom moulded hearing products. We are dedicated to your satisfaction when it comes to customised comfort, quality and hearing health.

NoiseGuard is a product of Hearlink, a well recognised hearing health services clinic, established in Melbourne over 30 years ago. A team of highly qualified Audiologist’s and Audiometrist’s are at hand at locations throughout Melbourne to assist you with every aspect of your hearing health.

Specialising in state of the art custom ear moulds, our knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as collaboration with experts in their field’s, has led to the development of superior custom hearing products for use in recreation, sport, industry as well as professional applications.

NoiseGuard products are laboratory manufactured in Australia using the highest quality, hypo-allergenic, medical grade soft silicone, to ensure the ultimate in custom comfort and functionality.

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Our wide selection of individually moulded ear plugs and custom audio interface headsets are applicable in:

Noisy industries, with a range to suit all job functions associated with mild to extreme, excessive (continuous or impact) noise exposure.

Recreational/Sporting activities such as concerts, clay/prey shooting, Motorcyle riding, noisy DIY activities Grand Prix events…

Professional applications include V8 race/sprint car drivers where specialised custom noise plugs are incorporated with professional audio drivers to give you ultimate sound with your desired background noise reduction, using a one piece custom moulded racing headset with strain relief wiring (NoiseGuard Moto), for secure, reliable and comfortable pit comms.

Performers choice in custom moulded Etymotic Research (ER) musicians plugs, with variable flat attenuating filters (9, 15 & 25dB) to protect your hearing whilst still being able to hear those important notes. Or custom fitted in ear monitors with single to triple driver power; clarity and unparalleled comfort.

These days we are surrounded by noise, some noise we welcome others we want to eliminate. The majority of Australians will lose their hearing either due to age, excessive exposure or both. If you are exposed to noise and you want to protect your hearing there is no safer and more comfortable way than customised hearing protection.

Custom Made Noise Plugs

A left and right ear impression is taken to form a perfect negative of your outer ear and ear canal, which is then injected, set and refined to form your individually moulded hearing product, perfect only for you.

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Motorcycle Noise Information